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0.2.0 release almost ready

Dec 25, 2008 at 4:47 AM
I'm closing in on having the features for 0.2 done. I'm excited about this because this release will include the basics to make the a usable shell as opposed to a demonstration.
* status updates on the top bar
* complete set of launcher buttons, including dynamically generated views of the Windows start menu
* reasonable performance
* badge notification of unread emails, missed calls and new text messages
* the beginning of a framework that should make it pretty easy to add new widgets and functionality

The last thing I'm going to add before cutting the release is a messaging indicator widget on the home screen because I like to be able to glance at my phone to see if I've missed a call or gotten a new email.

Once that's done I plan on dog-fooding this in lieu of the Windows Mobile today screen to see how usable it is for day to day.